A Place to Unwind

Do not take for granted
your ability to be comfortable in your own skin.
The thrill you get in knowing that your happiness isn’t fabricated.
Hold not guilt in your heart when you arrive at the realization
that your life, unlike some, wasn’t shifted and twisted
by the memories of a now foggy, distant past.

This is where I’ve come to cleanse my soul;
Washing my garments in the stream
and baking my linens on boulders.
This is where I’ve come to heed my realization.

Sometimes; when it’s made from yarn dipped in toxicity and pain,
and makes you ache more than it makes you comfortable,
when you dread looking at it hanging in your wardrobe…

Letting  the sweater just unravel into thread is better than keeping it around.

This is where I’ve come to unravel my sweater.


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