It’s coming back; the hole in my stomach.
The cold emptiness
Toxin creeps from my heart,
Dancing across my ribs like mallets on a xylophone.
Laughing at me while my chest is enclosed in ice
I’m fighting a losing battle.
Thoughts bounce off the walls of my brain like ping pong balls.
Please let me go.
I want to be free
I want to live.
But you are me, and I am you.
One dies, so does two.



I’m so warm.
The type of warmth you feel after just enough alcohol.
Sudden, like a spark set off a fire in your stomach.
The flames making a trellis of your ribs before they warm your fragile heart.
And before you know it you’re spinning, dancing, and laughing it a liquor-driven bliss.
The spirits, not made from Earth, but pressed from fresh love, lust, passion.
The blur begins and emotions fly
Don’t be an angry drunk.

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