High, Frankie


I thought of a fun thing to do while high: write down my thoughts. This first installment is going to be about artists. More specifically, illustrators and painters. Hope you enjoy.

I pretty much figured out the joke was on me the day I realized that people only asked “are you okay?” when seeing my art because artists are insane. Like, the day it hit me that some of the grestest artists are crazy as shit, my brain imploded. So many childhood conversations made sense after that. Not to say I’m “the grestest” artist at all, but it definitely catapulted things into perspective. Artists are just crazy, generally. I guess you have to be insane to pursue a career that is so…impractical. Just as a whole. The closest I could get to fairly stable job doing art all day, with benefits, in PA? Nothing that wouldn’t need more schooling. Or kill me. This in regards to my poetry too, to be honest. Not just fine art. But seriously, once I realized that; Everything clicked.
A-OK. Gotcha. Download 100% complete.

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